Brad Clement began his career as a lubricant sales representative for a major multi-lined oil marketer.

Through his journey of selling an array of different lubricants and shop products he began to realize a need for fuel additives and products/services that could fix fuel problems. He began to look for a real solution that included filtration and chemicals that could completely rejuvenate fuel and clean storage units, bringing the fuel back to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) Standards. After many hours of research, consultations, and deliberation with experts in the field Brad founded Innovative Solutions Services (ISS). Brad then aligned ISS with a leading franchise in fuel services. This venture gave ISS a solid foundation for growth. However, after rapid growth it became evident ISS needed to become a diversified and stand alone company.

ISS is one of the leading and most professional fuel polishing and tank cleaning companies out there. ISS has also aligned with a major manufacturer of greatly sought after fuel additives. We offer fuel management programs customized for each client's needs. Services range from basic on-site expert consultations on how to maintain tanks and store fuel to total fuel management programs with a 100% guarantee. Our fuel experts have years of experience in the field solving fuel issues on a daily basis.

Our equipment is fully self-contained mobile units and we can also respond during power outages and emergencies. We can clean fuel, fuel tanks, polish fuel and refurbish contaminated fuel without evacuating the tank and usually with no work stoppage to the client.

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The fuel handling program and process was developed more than 40 years ago. However, over the years we continue to refine and develop our techniques and chemicals to keep us on the leading edge of technology. ISS is committed to continued research and development of solutions to stay ahead of the ever changing energy market.