Fuel Additives and Treatment

As a professional fuel filtering and tank cleaning company, Innovative Solutions Services provides the same chemicals used in our service to solve fuel problems in a maintenance formula as a fuel additive.

In our fuel additives, the design is the same as a maintenance formula. These additives have been used for many years and in many different applications and engines. We offer gas additives for 2 stroke and 4 stroke ethanol and non-ethanol and diesel additives for Nio, Non, On-Road, to Off-Road. Innovative Solutions Services' additives do not contain alcohols and will not affect warranties or harm components of the engine.

The benefits of using our additives:

• Stops phase separation
• Prevents and absorbs water in tanks
• Stabilizes fuel
• Cleans fuel systems
• Removes carbon and varnish deposits
• Adds lubrication back to the fuel
• Increases fuel mileage
• Reduces emissions

These additives work like no other additives out there. Innovative Solutions Services uses these chemicals every day to fix fuel problems and clean tanks.