Fuel Services

Fuel Cleaning Process:

The fuel polishing process handles both gas and diesel fuels and combines mechanical fuel filtration with fuel tank cleaning chemical solvents to soften and remove contamination from the fuel tank. In addition we add biocide, water absorb and cetane or octane booster.
This process can be used on:

  • Conventional gasoline
  • E10 gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Bio-diesel

Our process is structured in four steps:

Step 1: Fuel Testing and Site Observation

Our technicians will test the fuel in your tank for:
  • Hard water/phase separation (water emulsified in the fuel)
  • Sludge/bio fallout
  • Sediment/rust
  • Color and condition of the fuel

Also our technician will observe the site to ensure the job can be done efficiently.

We also offer independent lab testing for:
  • Specific API Gravity (D-287)
  • Water (D6304)
  • Percentage of water and sediment (D2709)
  • Cetane/octane Index (D976)
  • ISO Cleanliness Test
  • Microorganisms
  • Karl Fischer Test
  • Flash point
  • Suitability for use

All lab test performed using established ASTM methods and requirements in ISO09001:2008 registered labs.

The condition of the fuel, on site analysis and/or lab testing will determine what approach we take to restore the fuel to above ASTM standards, every situation is different.

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Step 2: Tank Cleaning

To begin our cleaning process we remove the contaminants from the bottom of the tank for disposal. We then add our industrial strength chemicals to break down varnish, sludge and build up from bottom and side walls of the tank.

Step 3: Full Restoration/Fuel Polishing

We use high pressured pumps to circulate the fuel from your tank through our multi-staged filtration system then back into your tank. Our system uses filters that range from 30 microns down to 1/2 micron combined with water separating filters to remove 99.9% of water and solids from the circulated fuel.

Step 4: Chemical Treatment

In our final stage we add stabilizer, water absorb and octane/cetane booster to rejuvenate the fuel and bring it to above ASTM standards. These industrial strength chemicals used during our cleaning process can be purchased from our dealer network in a maintenance formula. Please see product page.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Innovative Solutions Services.