Injection System

If you consume over 400,000 gallons of diesel a year, call Innovative Solutions Services to learn about our automatic fuel additive injection systems.

We supply the system and maintain as long as you use our additive.

You might ask what benefit will these additives give me?

We have several of these out in the field.

The feedback that customers tell us immediately is improved fuel efficiency.

As time goes on, customers notice less fuel related problems with their fleet.

In the winter the customers don't have to worry about fuel gelling, plugging filters, and engines not starting due to unpredictable storms.

If all this sounds interesting, a call to Innovative Solutions Services 844.383.5349 doesn't hurt, to visit and see if this is right for your individual scenario.

This is cheap insurance!

We have set most units for less than 5 cents a gallon treat rate.