Mobile Fuel Polishing

Fuel polishing is defined by Wikipedia as the technical cleaning process used to remove or filter microbial contaminants from oil and hydro carbon fuel in storage.

It is essentially the removal of water, sediment, and microbial contamination from such fuels as diesel, red diesel, bio diesel and gas.

First it is imperative to have fuel tested: third party lab testing, determination of water and a good representative sample of the top, middle, and bottom of the tank. The sample is taken to determine the severity of contamination, if sludge or bacteria are present and the level of solid water (emulsified fuel and water) in the tank. We offer this in our evaluation of the equipment. We then schedule a convenient date to come to your facility and rejuvenate your fuel. Customers can expect minimal preparation on their part, as we have fully equipped mobile units. In most cases your work or production does not need to be hindered.

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We have a four step system:

We first pump out the water, sludge and contaminants from the tank. Then we filter your remaining fuel with a two step filtering system. While filtering we inject proprietary chemical cleaners to dissolve and remove varnish, sludge, biomass, asphaltenes and more from your tank wall and behind baffles. Finally, we rejuvenate your fuel by adding biocide, tank cleaner, water absorb and octane or cetane enhancer. This allows the cleaned fuel to meet API (American Petroleum Institute) standards for 12 months, if additive is used when new fuel is added.
If you have any questions, please reach out to Innovative Solutions Services.

We don't just treat the symptoms we clean the fuel and the tank: the actual cause of the problem.